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Have a love affair with your food

Have a love affair with your food

Aug 27, 2022

You can have a love affair with your food

Do you feel that being on a diet means you will eat boring, tasteless food and will feel deprived? That attitude is setting you up for failure. Food is not your enemy, it is your nourishment. While dieting is certainly not anyone’s idea of fun, it certainly can be! Hear my Diet Coach advice…if you are like me, you love to eat.  I have had my share of oreos and potato chips over the years and while I would be lying if I said I never get a hankering for either one, I remind myself that when I eat garbage, I feel like garbage.

I find that the healthier I eat, the less desirable bad foods are to me. Now with that said, it takes a bit of time to get that through our heads, but after some time you do find that the amazing feeling you get from eating live, organic,  whole foods outweighs the temporary sensation of indulging in our favorite treat. With a little effort, you can open your world to a new array of tastes, textures and smells of delicious food.

I will help you fall in love with healthy foods like you never thought you could before. You will not starve or feel deprived. Consider this a test…eat extremely healthy for 7 days, no sugar, no processed foods, no transfats. Simple, clean eating, and I promise you….every day that goes by, those bad food choices will seem less and less desirable.

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