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What if you were told that there is ONE thing that could cause ALL of the following?

  • Low Energy, Chronic Fatigue, Weakness
  • Digestive Insufficiency (heartburn, bloating, gas, leaky gut)
  • Reduced Libido, ED, Frigidity, Inability to Conceive
  • Headaches, Migraines, Brain Fog
  • Sleep Disturbances (can’t fall asleep, can’t go back to sleep)
  • Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, Hypoglycemia, Insulin Resistance, Diabetes
  • Aches, Pain, Inflammation
  • Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders
  • Attention, Focus, Memory Problems
  • Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Hypercholesterolemia
  • Melanoma, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Cancer
  • Autoimmune Diseases (lupus, Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, ALS, etc.)
  • Osteoporosis

Would you think that it’s worth knowing what that one thing is?

What if you were then told that if you didn’t address that ONE THING that those conditions were practically inevitable?

Even more astonishing, what if there was ONE THING that you could do that could:

  • Balance / Imbalance body chemistry
  • Maximize / Minimize metabolic efficiency
  • Reverse / Cause degenerative disease
  • Restore / Undermine function
  • Build / Destroy health
  • Optimize / Inhibit immunity
  • Improve / Worsen digestion
  • Heal / Shut down down the gut
  • Promote / Impede elimination
  • Increase / Decrease detoxification
  • Maximize / Minimize hormone production
  • Resolve Stressors / Be the primary, foundational stressor !

Would you like to know what that one thing is?

FOOD—and that’s why DIET really IS first and foremost for preventing disease, reversing degenerative conditions!

The good news is that the body is designed to be healthy.

Every cell is genetically programmed for optimal function.
The body is perfectly capable of resolving all manner of stressors—if it gets what it needs to function properly.
  • To balance body chemistry, …
  • To maximize metabolic efficiency, …
  • To reverse degenerative disease, …
  • To restore function, …
  • To Build Optimal Health …
  • You must meet the genetically based requirements for nutrition
  • You must eat right for your Metabolic Type®
Diet Coach tip: Eating right for your Metabolic Type® and meeting your body’s genetically based requirements will assure the best opportunity for your body’s “good health program” to run to successful fruition!

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