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Would you like to boost your bottom line with a semi-passive new revenue stream designed to benefit your patients?

Worried about your already dwindling work-life balance? What if it took minimal effort on your part and you had someone leading the way?

Would you like to build your practice and bring in new patients excited to get healthy?

A medically supervised weight loss program that is covered by insurance is high in demand. You can have My Online Diet Coach see patients without paying them until you are paid!

Wondering how this can be true and how to integrate this into your practice?

What if I told you, you could do all this without hiring staff and marketing? The Owner of My Online Diet Coach has 30 years of Practice Management experience and understands the business of weight loss.

How would you like to offer an Award Winning Weight Loss Program in Your Medical Practice?

Meet the unique nutritional needs of your patients by offering a diet that works, is based on your patients' biochemical individuality, and is backed by science.

Would you like your business to stand out and your reputation to soar?

My Online Diet Coach is the best thing that can happen to your practice. Patients get excited about The Life Diet and refer like crazy! Practices have tripled their income and practice size without external marketing.

Do you wish you could improve your Doctor-Patient relationships?

Patients have more questions these days about nutrition and weight loss. Show them you are listening by giving them access to their own program and Health Coach who works together with you to help them reach their goals

Do something different...

As you know, many patients are suffering with obesity without an effective way to combat it. Yes, there are many fad diets out there, but they don’t work for everyone. Counting calories, points, weighing food and starving and/or restricted themselves isn’t working. The advise of “Exercise More” is not always enough! Certainly someone could do an appetite suppressant or have bariatric or cosmetic surgery… but unfortunately many regain the weight and more!

I have been helping people lose weight for 20 years with ... FOOD

That's it! No products, nothing extreme, just SCIENCE. I have been in the Healthcare field for over 30 years as a Practice Manager, Consultant and Healthcare Practitioner. There is no dietician or Doctor for that matter that knows EXACTLY what their patient should be eating. "Do this diet, take this pill, do this exercise and you will be thin" is no longer acceptable. Let's get rid of the guesswork... I do NOT believe in One-Size-Fits-All cookie cutter type diets. Every BODY is different, and shouldn’t our patient’s diet be unique to them?

My business is My Online Diet Coach and I have helped thousands of people lose weight over the years. When patients come to me for the first time they are often disgusted with the process of losing weight and have fought extremely hard for every pound they have lost. Some have simply just given up hope and feel like modern medicine has failed them!! Why are there no effective long-term solutions for weight loss that efficiently combats this epidemic? In 2009, I partnered with a medical practice and a few things happened…

• After coordinating with top researchers with over 40 years’ worth of studies, I created The Life Diet.
• Their combined background and my expertise, allowed me to create a comprehensive program that is based on the patient’s biochemical individuality and not what I think or feel they should be eating.
• Most dieticians, nutritionists, health coaches, etc have been taught a standardized way to help people lose weight, and get fit….this is just a dietary roulette and they are hoping something works. I tend to want to get to the root of the problem.
• This unique and individualized program includes Health Coaching and Life Coaching so we could repair our patient’s relationship with food and address emotional eating which is the main cause of regaining. No matter how good the diet is, if unaddressed the weight will return.
• We examine the patient’s blood work, metabolism type, HTMA and DNA to determine the program that is unique to them.
Our program spread throughout the state, the practice tripled in size and we went from one Doctor to 10 providers!
• We were awarded the best weight loss program in the state 3 years in a row!
• Now I am partnering with physicians to bring the Life Diet to their patients virtually who are struggling with excess weight and associated conditions.

A few facts about The Life Diet:

• The Life Diet is not product or sales based, my patients lose with……FOOD!

• The Health Coaching services are covered by their health insurance.

• Because of the food patients eat, toxins they are exposed to and stress they endure, chemical imbalances appear. The Life Diet corrects those imbalances which can cause weight gain.

• We analyze their physical traits, their diet related traits and their psychological traits in order to determine which eating plan is best according to their unique genetic needs

• These test results help us determine exactly why the patient is not losing weight.

• After the analysis, and instituting their customized program, they change from a fat storage mode to a fat burning mode!

• The Life Diet is not just a weight loss program, it is a lifestyle change for anyone who wants to feel better, or would like to prevent disease. It can help with decreased energy, poor immunity, lack of focus, increased cravings, mood swings, GI issues, etc.

• With further analysis we can determine EXACTLY which type of exercise is best for the patient. Including sets, reps and duration. We will also know whether strength training or cardio is better for helping them reach their goals.

• If a patient has a poor family history of disease, we can create a plan that will potentially turn off bad genes and turn on good ones.

• We will examine patients test results to see what toxins are stunting their weight loss, which stage of stress they are in, and identifying any mineral patterns which are associated with carb imbalances, metabolic rate, biochemical energy production and glandular imbalances.

• When examining genetics it will give us a blueprint of the patients' body, we will determine what nutrients they are likely to be deficient in and what their body’s ability is to lose weight.

Please reach out on the contact us page if this in any way intrigues you... I can explain how we may integrate this into your practice, I would love to partner with you to help those who desperately need a solution that actually works.