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What is Life Coaching?

We all have areas in our lives that we would like to improve upon and although we often already know what to do, more often than not we don’t do it and are in need of someone who can point us in the right direction. Life Coaching helps you to reach your goals by breaking down the barriers you impose on yourself.

What is Diet Coaching?

Diet coaching is one-on-one support and guidance to help you meet your health and weight goals. A Health coach specializing in weight loss can help you with:
1.) Devising ways of shopping, meal planning, and choice-making that suit your lifestyle, tastes, and needs—that you can live with.
2.) Learning to think in ways that lead to good choices, and to stick with this until the new thoughts become automatic.
3.) Learning how to deal effectively with the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that are very common during the change process.
4.) Developing a range of new ways to deal with stress, emotions, and other triggers that have led to overeating in the past.

What can a Life Coach help me with?

• Love life – Whatever the problem, a life coach could help you to understand your love-life problems and then work towards rectifying them and create a loving relationship that works.
• Business life – Life coaches can help with confidence, leadership, decision-making and work/life balance.
• Personal life – perhaps you feel like you’re not making the most of life. There’s so much to see, do and learn in this world, but often a lack of confidence, self-esteem, time and will-power can cause us to stay inside not doing anything.
• Self care – Getting your own needs met is first and foremost. Improving yourself is at the heart of life coaching.

What is the difference between a Life Coach and a Therapist?

Life Coaches help people enhance the quality of their lives. They are trained to listen, to observe and to customize their approach to individual client needs. Coaches are generally action oriented and work on four areas with clients:
• Defining goals
• Formulating a plan that will use the client’s skills
• Holding the client accountable for progress
• Providing structure, encouragement and support.
Therapists focus on moving people from a state of dysfunction to one of being functional. But there are many people who are very functional, yet maybe not highly functional or achieving their full potential. The only place they could turn is the self-help section of the bookstore. Life coaching provides an alternative.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

You can have as many or as few coaching sessions as you’d like. Because I offer virtual coaching, the sessions can easily fit around your schedule. Some people hire a life coach once a month, some people have a session once a week. It is entirely up to you to decide. There are savings plans available if needed. The first step is to book your discovery session.

How do I start the life coaching process?

Contact me to schedule an appointment for a Discovery session, which is the initial, structured session that forms the foundation of our work to follow (during the Discovery session we will explore values, focus areas and goals). Then we can decide what kind of schedule and payment arrangements would work best for you.

Why should I do life coaching online?

Regular coaching with live interaction is a fantastic tool for creating accountability, motivation and success in your life. But you may find you are too busy for live coaching. Or perhaps you are simply more comfortable using computers, and like the freedom online coaching can bring you. Online coaching is just as effective, and allows you to work through your coaching items at your own pace.
I have been coaching clients face to face and online for over 15 years with the same results. Either way you receive a wide range of coaching tools, one-on-one counseling, and you receive feedback from your coach, and engage in an ongoing and stimulating coaching process.

Are there guaranteed results?

Each person’s experiences and results are unique to them. What you will achieve from coaching entirely depends on your goals, your openness with your coach, and the degree of effort you contribute to the coaching process.
Due to the individual nature of your motivation, skills, and willingness to engage in new ways of thinking, I can make no guarantees about your personal outcome.

How much weight will I lose?

This depends on many factors: your size to start with, your individual lifestyle, weight history, metabolism, stress level, toxin level, and how ready you are to make changes.
It’s important to focus on how you feel when you change your diet. My clients typically feel more energetic, have increased mental clarity, focus, memory, less cravings, and are more satisfied.
Blood sugar levels balance out (many reverse diabetes), Blood pressure decreases, Inflammation decreases, and the body detoxes, etc.

Why should I try the Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT)?

The happier you are the easier it is to lose weight! 'Dieting and exercise requires a healthy mind as you pursue a Healthy Body. Life Coaching can help you get to the next level of health and wellness.

What can I expect during my combined Health Coaching and Life Coaching visits?

It does not matter how unsuccessful you have been losing weight. I can help you…
• Uncover the hidden challenges which are preventing you from losing weight
• Create a sense of clarity around your vision of your health
• Understand why you’ve regained the weight you worked so hard to lose in the past
• Create a clear plan to approach weight loss in a new and effective way
• Stop emotional eating
• Find out precisely what is preventing you from even being willing to let go of the extra weight in the first place.
• Create an in-depth understanding of why the extra weight is negatively impacting every part of your life right now.
• Create an AMAZING healthy lifestyle!!!
• Create a clear vision of your future for easy, fast, and healthy weight loss
• Take back control of your own body, so you no longer feel imprisoned by your unhealthy relationship with food.
• Leave the session feeling renewed and inspired and ready to take action

Why choose My Online Diet Coach?

• Your Life Coach understands the weight loss struggle from her own personal history
• Dieting on your own hasn’t worked, its time to try something new
• Lori has 30 years experience in healthcare, and 20 years helping people lose weight.
• Lori is a Life coach and Diet coach all rolled in to one
• You are not alone, your struggle is not uncommon, your coach will help you as she has helped thousands before you.
• Lori has a team of Natural Medicine practitioners available to her to help you determine if there are any medical reasons you are not losing weight.
• Your coach can help you figure out what to do next when you feel stuck.
• Lori can help you set realistic goals and stay accountable so that you can achieve that change you long for.
• Having Lori in your corner, may be the best decision you ever make.

Why do Metabolic Typing?

EVERYONE! Anyone looking for a diet that actually works and is unique to their biochemical individuality vs a one-size-fits-all diet. An athlete seeking peak performance, anyone suffering from health challenges that needs a resolution, anyone that would like to restore function and achieve optimal health.

What will metabolic typing test tell me?

Why you are not losing weight, what your metabolic imbalances are, what types/combinations/ratios of foods are best for you.

What will following my metabolic typing diet help me with?

Help you lose weight by moving you from a fat storage mode to a fat burning mode. Your organs will function appropriately, you will have improved metabolic efficiency, you will start building good health, you will turn off bad genes and turn on good genes, it will address stressors and toxins in your body. Improves your energy, mental clarity, memory and mood. You will have less cravings and feel more satisfied.

Who is the DNA testing good for?

Anyone looking to lose weight, find out why they are not getting results, examine their nutritional deficiencies or understand what exercise is best for their body

What will the DNA test tell me?

GX Slim is a blueprint for your body. This is a laboratory analysis of your DNA sample - 48 genetic markers. It includes an analysis of 16 genetic traits relating to weight loss and exercise. Here is a sample report: It will look at your metabolism, weight loss tendency (your body's ability to lose weight and regain) How likely you are to feel satisfied, fat loss and fitness response to cardio, body composition response to strength training, HDL, glucose and insulin response to strength training.

What will my DNA test do for me?

It will give you food recommendations, food lists, meal plans and recipes including macronutrient breakdown and caloric needs. It gives you nutrient and supplement suggestions. It will provide you with exercise recommendations including types of exercise, durations, sets and reps. Learn if cardio and strength training is better for you to reach your goals.

Will my DNA results conflict with my MT results?

No, it is put in perspective…your DNA represents how you were born and the MT representsyou’re your body’s chemistry is now. MT will trump your DNA test in only the food category. But it provides so much information beyond what MT does.

How do I take my DNA test?

Your coach will send you a link to order your kit. You place your order for the GX slim. FYI: Addtl DNA tests are available for testing Gut Health, for healthy aging, athletic performance, and micronutrient predisposition. The test kit will come to your house with directions. This is a saliva test. You will collect the sample and ship back. The results will go to your coach to review with you and you will be given a copy on the day of your appointment.

Who is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis good for?

Anyone who wants to see their mineral imbalances and understand the metabolic dysfunctions, symptoms and conditions that can manifest because of the imbalance. Anyone who wants more energy, stamina and a better mood. If you have a health issue that has not yet been resolved and nothing is working, this is for you!

What will this HTMA test determine?

It measures the level of toxic metals/minerals in your hair to see if you have an excess or deficiency. Minerals are the "spark plugs" of life and play a very important health related role in the body. It reflects long term metabolic activity and creates a blueprint of one's individual biochemistry. It will identify mineral patterns associated with stress, blood sugar, carb imbalances, metabolic rate, biochemical energy production, and glandular imbalances. Determines your stage of stress and risk factors, shows how the body converts food to energy

After reviewing my HTMA results, what is the next steps?

Your coach and provider will show you how to initiate a detoxification plan, including a plan to address any adrenal insufficiencies, or substances you are hypersensitive to,