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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is good for anyone who: 

• Wants to find out why they are not losing weight
• Wants to see their mineral imbalances and heavy metal toxic load and understand the metabolic dysfunctions, symptoms and conditions that can manifest.
• Wants more energy, stamina and a better mood. If you have a health issue that has not yet been resolved and nothing is working, this is for you!
• Wants to know the best way they can detoxify their body from harmful elements

Here is an example of the ways heavy metals can affect your health:


The HTMA test measures the level of toxic metals/minerals in your hair to see if you have an excess or deficiency. Minerals are the "spark plugs" of life and play a very important health related role in the body.  It reflects long term metabolic activity and creates a blueprint of one's individual biochemistry. It will identify mineral patterns associated with stress, blood sugar, carb imbalances, metabolic rate, biochemical energy production, and glandular imbalances. Determines your stage of stress and risk factors.
You will need to order your HTMA kit from your Health Coach. The cost is $229. A packet will be mailed to your home with detailed instructions.
Please contact your coach to order your kit TODAY!