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The Life Diet

There is no "One Size Fits All" diet that works long term!

Any cookie cutter type diet you can think of will not work for everyone, all of the time.

Why you ask?

We Believe Your Nutritional Requirements Are Unique, Just Like YOU! We are constantly being inundated with information about what we should and should not be eating. But the truth is, there is not one umbrella diet that fits every BODY. Just like our perspectives and our personalities, our bodies are unique. I believe we should honor our uniqueness on every level including in our own personal diets.

This is called biochemical individuality

Let's be clear...


Doesn't make you gain weight!


Doesn't make you gain weight!


Don't make you gain weight!


Don't make you gain weight!

But what does make someone gain and become overweight or obese, is the inability to properly metabolize or convert carbs, protein, fats, and calories to energy. If you're overweight, you're actually starving...starving for the right balance of nutrients that will increase your metabolic rate and convert to energy to food you are eating instead of storing it as fat.

What is the Life Diet?

What is the Life Diet?

The Life Diet is a fully customized program perfect for YOUR metabolism that balances the homeostatic functions or your body. You Diet Coach analyzes your physical traits, your diet related traits and your psychological traits in order to determine which weight loss plan is best for you according to your unique genetic needs. The Life Diet isn't really a diet actually, it is a lifestyle change. Your body knows how to be healthy, and your program for health is built in to your DNA. Aren't you curious about the foods your body has always been wanting?

What can I expect after starting The Life Diet?

What can I expect after starting The Life Diet?

Here are some short term benefits:

• Eliminate cravings and hunger between meals• Feel satisfied after meals Increase physical energy and stamina• Eradicate mood swings and balance emotions • Improve mental clarity and ability to concentrate• Have a good, lasting, normal sense of energy and well-being

Long term benefits of balancing your body include:

• Natural weight loss without restricting calories
• Natural balancing of hormones
• Prevention and reversal of chronic and degenerative health disorders
• Prevention and faster recovery from injuries
• Enhanced immunity and resistance to colds, flu, and recurrent infections
• Slowing of the aging process

How do I get started?

1. Pick a Doctor 2. Meet with your own virtual Health Coach 3. Take tests and learn about your body 4. Start your diet which is 100% unique to YOU! 5. Eat according to your test results 6. Exercise according to your test results (optional) 7. Learn to change your relationship with food 8. Have the support you need, Feel Better and LOSE WEIGHT!