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Losing weight is doesn't have to be

Everywhere you look, there are contradictions about losing weight. Your friend tells you one thing. You read about just the opposite in a health magazine. And a hot new bestseller at your local but says something quite different altogether. In fact, that’s another problem -- wall-to-wall books on health and nutrition, most of which just contradict each other. By now, you have learned from your own experience that what works for one person, may not work for you. Don’t worry, it’s not you.
So how can there be so much confusion and contradiction about something that is supposed to be so good for you? The unfortunate reason is that the majority of the people talking about nutrition know just enough to be dangerous. They know that nutrition can be the answer, but they don't know how to use it properly. And, yes, it is a two-edged sword: If you use it properly, it can help make you well. But make no mistake. If you use it improperly, it can help make you sick or keep you that way. You know. Take this nutrient for that condition. A magic bullet. One standard nutritional remedy for each problem or a universal diet that is supposed to work for everyone. But your own experience and all the contradictory books and articles that you've ever read, aside from making the field of nutrition confusing, frustrating and sometimes downright baffling, have already shown you that this approach doesn't work. And your common sense agrees. You know that you are unique! You know one shoe size doesn't fit all. You know that everyone is as unique as their fingerprints. So, why would anyone ever think that one diet is right for everyone? Or, that what works nutritionally for one person would work for another as well?

Who Should Do Metabolic Typing?

  • EVERYONE! Anyone looking for a diet that actually works and is unique to their biochemical individuality vs a one-size-fits-all diet.
  • An athlete seeking peak performance
  • A dieter who has had little to no results
  • Anyone suffering from health challenges that needs a resolution
  • Anyone that would like to restore function and achieve optimal health.

What will Metabolic Typing test tell me?

  • Why you are not losing weight
  • What your metabolic imbalances are
  • What types/combinations/ratios of foods are best for you
  • What food sensitivities you may have
  • Which endocrine gland needs the most nutritional support.

What will following my Metabolic Typing Diet help me with?

  • Losing weight by moving you from fat storage mode to a fat burning mode.
  • Your organs will function appropriately, you will have improved metabolic efficiency.
  • You will start building good health
  • You will turn off bad genes and turn on good genes
  • It will address stressors and toxins in your body.
  • Improves your energy, mental clarity, memory and mood.
  • You will have less cravings and feel more satisfied.

How do I get started?

1. Book your discovery session:

 2. Learn about metabolic typing during your discovery session


3. Order your metabolic Typing test and take the assessment.

4. Find out your dominance

5. Find out what types of foods, combinations of food and macro and micronutrient ratios of food YOUR body needs

6. Start Phase 1 by eating foods that are right for your type and stop eating foods that are wrong for your type.



7. Journal what you are eating and drinking and one hour later journal your reactions to the food you are eating by communicating with your body.


8. How do I begin?

  • Meet with your Health Coach - she will do an intake and review the Metabolic Test with you and collect payment. 
  • Once the payment is collected, you will receive an email with access and directions on how to take the test.
  • When we receive the metabolic test results, our Health Coaches will meet with you to review the results and get you started. 
  • You will get a color coded food list and 100+ page report about YOU!