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Finally Stop Emotional Eating

We don't necessarily eat to only satisfy physical hunger.  Many turn to food for comfort, stress relief, to fill a void or to reward themselves.  When we do decide to seek comfort in food and eat our feelings or treat ourselves.... it is usually junk food, sweets or carbs.

As a Health and Diet Coach for over 30 years I've discovered that some cravings are specific to the emotion....maybe ice cream if you feel lonely, pizza if you feel like celebrating, fast food when you have a stressful day, bread when you are trying to numb yourself and stuff your feelings down. 
The truth is that food does NOT bring you comfort. If feel uncomfortable after you have binged or have eaten poorly and you feel your pants feeling tighter which starts the feelings of guilt and remorse.
This pattern doesn't solve anything and My Online Diet Coach has many tools in which to help you avoid repeating this perpetual cycle.