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Discover the Future of Integrative Cancer Care with the Groundbreaking Comprehensive Metabolic Cancer Wellness Program  

The Comprehensive Metabolic Cancer Wellness Program was created out of a need for a program that fostered all aspects of the human spirit and nurtures every facet of your being. This program is a reliable, predictable, clinically based, done WITH You program, that produces results.  


Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment: Far too often, practitioners focus on just the physical aspects of health, but true healing encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic dimensions of your being which need to be in alignment to precipitate healing. Our program goes beyond the surface to address these crucial aspects, ensuring a comprehensive and enduring transformation.


Tailored Precision: At the heart of our approach is understanding that cancer is a metabolic disease. We believe in pinpointing the unique metabolic profile of each individual through advanced bioenergetic resonance testing, functional medical testing, and more. Your healing journey is as unique as your fingerprint.


Empowering You: We're not just treating a disease; we're empowering you as an individual hosting the disease. Our clinically based program collaborates with you, creating a reliable and predictable path to results. Together, we'll craft a personalized nutritional plan aligned with your metabolic blueprint.


Food as Medicine: We do not believe in a "One Size Fits All" diet that might temporarily produce results for some patients, but for a majority be ineffective in cause disease progression. Our in-depth knowledge of cancer metabolism guides us to harness the healing power of food as medicine. Each person has a unique nutritional requirement that correlates with their unique metabolic type, that is as unique as their fingerprint. Your nutritional plan will be tailored to your metabolic needs, promoting lasting healing. The metabolic component recognizes that cancer is a Metabolic disease.  It is important to identify and correct the errors of metabolism in the individual with a cancer diagnosis, as well as having an in depth knowledge of the cancer metabolism itself.  An effective nutritional plan that supports healing should correlate with their metabolic blueprint.


Unveil the Future of Healing: Our program is founded on the six core principles of Naturopathic Medicine: First do no harm, The Healing Power of Nature, Identification, and treatment of the foundational causes of disease, Doctor as teacher, Treatment of the Whole person, and disease prevention. 

Silencing Cancer Genes: Although Conventional Oncology focuses on the Genetic theory of cancer, we believe that genes that predispose a person to cancer can be silenced or inactivated.  We call this area of study Epigenetics, meaning “Superseding genes.” Epigenetics includes the lifestyle adaptations that can be implemented by a truly Comprehensive Metabolic program that has the power to change the microenvironment of both the individual and the cancer itself, restoring harmony at the cellular level, so that the body can heal.

Comprehensive testing: We utilize bioenergetic resonance testing, and other assessment types to identify the unique Metabolic presentation of the individual, as well as functional medical testing, conventional blood testing, Tumor micro environment and phenotype assessment, and more to create a program that is truly suited to the uniqueness of each person serving as host to the cancer results.


Say goodbye to generic treatments and embrace a program that honors your uniqueness. Join the Comprehensive Metabolic Cancer Wellness Program today and take charge of your healing journey! Your transformation begins now.

Are you ready to embark on a journey

of holistic healing and transformation?

 We encourage anyone who is newly diagnosed or has a loved one who is newly diagnosed to seek to integrate their cancer care in order to optimize treatment outcomes. We also encourage our readers not to wait until they have a diagnosis before seeking to optimize their health. 

This program is for individuals seeking a comprehensive holistic wellness approach to Cancer care. I have partnered with a renowned Naturopathic Oncologist to offer a high caliber of integrative Oncological Care. 

"I believe that the study of Integrative Oncology is a lifetime commitment as research continues to reveal exciting and promising treatment options, particularly those that are the least toxic. This is extremely thrilling for me as far too many patients succumb to the cancer treatment rather than the disease itself"

"When people are diagnosed with Cancer they will go to Google and find out they are more confused than when they started. There is alot of conflicted information out there. If you would like to receive assistance, let me be your barometer, let me be your compass and let me be the one to help you navigate this journey confidently. You will receive evidence-based information to help you become thoroughly educated so you can make informed decisions and choices about your care"

Together, the Naturopathic Oncologist with our Cancer care team will help you restore harmony to the metabolic and biochemical processes of the body that promote health and healing. We address the biological, biochemical, epigenetic, mental-emotional, spiritual and energetic factors that are necessary for health via specialized and bio-energetic assessment to identify any imbalances or disruptions in these forces that would negatively impact biological and biochemical pathways within the body to favor the promotion or progression of disease.

This program encompasses all aspects of the human spirit that need to be harmonized for the natural healing process to occur. It includes a blend of conventional and alternative medicine.

If you have a willingness to care for yourself and have a deep sense of self-love and a belief that you deserve to be healthy and Cancer free....this program is for you! We have a team of people here who are willing and happy to support you on your healing journey.

*We do not claim to cure any disease, but our goal is the restoration of healing and harmony within the individual who is “housing” the disease.