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Welcome to "Life Coaching" at My Online Diet Coach

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment with our unique "Life Transformation" program. At My Online Diet Coach, we transcend the conventional approach to nourishing your body by integrating mind and soul into our Transformational Life Coaching. This sacred journey is designed to unlock your fullest potential, fostering a life enriched with love, light, and boundless possibilities.


Embrace Your Transformational Journey: As your dedicated Transformational Life Coach, I am committed to illuminating the radiant essence within you. Our methodology, grounded in neurolinguistic programming and the science of behavior and habit change, delves deep into understanding and dismantling the barriers that may be hindering you from living the life you passionately desire. Together, we navigate the path of self-discovery, unveiling beliefs and patterns ready to be shifted, empowering you to create and experience life from your highest light and a place of radical authenticity.


The Transformational Coaching Method Unveiled: Our coaching method transcends mere insightful conversations; it is a call to action for consistent, purposeful strides towards your breakthroughs. Anticipate a transformative process that propels you beyond blocks, guiding you into the liberating realms of freedom and light. Throughout this journey, experience:


Safety and Support: Bask in the security of a safe and sacred space dedicated to your vision, healing, and personal growth.


Deep Listening: A commitment to listening with my entire being, attuned to your desires, challenges, and aspirations.


Uncovering Obstacles: Together, we identify and unravel the barriers, empowering you to fully embrace your gifts and desires.

Support and Accountability: Receive the support, accountability, and practical tools needed to take intentional action.

Personalized 1:1 Coaching:

Our 1:1 coaching is a personalized, immersive 6-month journey crafted specifically for women. Each session is a tailored exploration into the roots of challenges, desires, and potential breakthroughs. As you embrace these transformative moments, practical tools are provided, ensuring consistent advancement towards lasting change.


Thrive in Community: Group Programs

For those who thrive in community settings, our group programs, events, and workshops are offered multiple times a year. Stay connected and receive details on upcoming events by joining our vibrant community.

Empowering Talks & Workshops

Immerse yourself in the power of our transformative message through talks and workshops that inspire women to shed old narratives, embrace courage, acceptance, and magic. Learn to eradicate shame, create a magical life, ignite your voice, and bask in your light. These empowering sessions equip you to apply these lessons to your life, fostering acceptance and intention, even amidst life's challenges.

Our Holistic Approach at My Online Diet Coach

At My Online Diet Coach, our holistic approach seamlessly integrates Diet coaching, Health coaching, Life coaching, and a functional medicine perspective for the most optimal outcomes. With over 30 years of health care experience, we recognize the unique blend of your nutritional, activity, genetic, metabolic, and emotional needs.

Embark on Your Transformational Journey

Embark on a journey with us and rediscover the vibrant, authentic you. Your transformational journey awaits. Explore "Our Approach" to learn more about our unique fusion of over 30 years of health care experience with a personalized approach to health, wellness, and weight loss. Recognizing your uniqueness, we offer a tailored blend of Diet coaching, Health coaching, Life coaching, and functional medicine, ensuring the most optimal outcome for your individualized journey.