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Are you an emotional eater?

Are you an emotional eater?

Aug 27, 2022

The Binger

Whether you are a closet binger, or slightly overdo it when feeling an unpleasant emotion, emotional eaters come in all shapes and sizes. 

The Night Snacker

Perhaps you are a night snacker who just can’t sleep due to having something on your mind or are in a habit of munching on something when your bored or tired?

The Situational Eater

If it is there, you’ll eat it.  Any mood will do, you will rationalize and lie to yourself until you are convinced that the snack should be yours.

In my Diet Coach experience I've learned that many of us see food as comfort to us, especially sweets. Sometimes it feels like it’s just calling to you, doesn’t it?

What is the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger?

  • Physical hunger stops when you feel full. Emotional hunger goes unsatisfied well after being physically full.
  • Physical hunger doesn’t make you feel guilty because you eat to satisfy what your body needs. Emotional hunger triggers negative emotions related to eating.
  • Physical hunger is gradual. Emotional hunger is sudden, often a response to an emotion.
  • Physical hunger can be satisfied with a variety of foods. Emotional hunger craves specific foods and specific types of food.