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I am so excited to work with you and the starter plan is a great place to begin!
You can choose to add on the other options as we go along if you'd like in order to make your plan even more individualized!
The first step is to book with one of our affiliated providers -  They can see you in their office, but all providers see patients virtually as well!   
Because this is a medically supervised weight loss plan...The good news is that I accept most insurances and our Physicians participate which means the most you will typically owe is a copay (Some plans have no copay for preventative services)
If you do not have insurance, please contact me for to contact us page
Please book a complimentary brief 15 minute consult with your coach here so that she can help you determine which provider is best for you and your insurance. 
Your coach will then book you with your provider and for your first Health coaching session.