Work With Me


Are your ready to look and feel great?

It does not matter how many obstacles you have faced in attempting to lose weight. I can help you!  I am really excited to connect with you, and a 1 hour discovery session is the best way to start!

During your discovery session we will:

  • Determine how serious you are about losing weight, and your level of dedication
  • Examine your current diet and lifestyle to keep what’s working and change what is not.
  • Identify the challenges which are preventing you from losing weight
  • Create a sense of clarity around your vision of your health
  • Identify realistic, measurable, and attainable goals for lasting results
  • Determine if you are an emotional eater, and develop strategies for success
  • Employ an individualized approach to weight loss in a new, effective, and scientific way
  • Explore DNA and Metabolic testing solutions to develop a plan of action
  • Design a coaching schedule around your current needs and lifestyle.
  • Gain a renewed sense of self-awareness, and feel inspired and ready to take action 

What you can expect:

  • I will create a safe environment, free of judgement, and will honor your confidentiality
  • I will study your circumstances, beliefs, and thoughts adjusting the program to your needs and goals.
  • I will ask deep, thought provoking questions that you may not have ask yourself
  • I will help you fill the gap between where you are presently and where you want to be.
  • I will raise awareness within you and encourage you to take responsibility for your life.

What I expect:

  • You will value my time, and be present and punctual for our sessions.
  • You will be honest, candid, and forthright during coaching
  • You will be willing to make changes in your thinking and your habits.
  • You will dedicate the necessary time, energy and effort.
  • You will succeed!


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